The Oak Concept Furniture Story Unveiled

How it began

Mihaela and George

As it happens, there is always a story that stands behind the ideas that lead us to the various ventures of our lives. The Oak Concept Furniture idea is no exception to that. 

Ourselves, Mihaela and George, founders of Oak Concept Furniture are the main characters of this story. It begins back in December 2019 when we were at the finishing stages of the construction of our new home and started looking for new furniture. We both love wood and, therefore, we decided to look for furniture that would combine the natural beauty of oak wood with the modern look of black metallic supports.

Getting there

Our ideas to life

However, it very quickly became clear that, notwithstanding the huge availability of furniture stores, it was never what we were actually looking for. If the dimensions were right, the materials were not right, if the materials were right, the shape was not right, or any combination of the above that led to a dead end. Sounds familiar, right?

As such, we started sketching what we needed and went on the lookout for woodcrafters that would create our desired furniture. A few months later the furniture were delivered and were exactly as we imagined when we started producing our draft sketches. Right shape, right materials, right dimensions.

Facing the same challenge

Landed in Dubai

Fast forward to June 2022. We relocated to Dubai. We bought our new home but, guess what, our previous house was sold together with our beautiful custom made modern oak furniture. And in order to furnish our new home, we had to go looking for new furniture. Same old story, if the dimensions were right, the materials were not right, if the materials were right, the shape was not right... 

Having to move in, we made a compromise and purchased our new furniture using the options available on the market. Don’t get us wrong, they are nice, but not what we really wanted.

We present to you

Oak Concept Furniture

And this led to the Oak Concept Furniture idea. We decided to transform our previous experience with wood crafting and custom made modern oak furniture for ourselves to our business. 

Oak Concept Furniture will offer you a way out from the limitations that readily available furniture options have and, most importantly, the pleasure of embarking on the journey of conception of your dream custom made modern oak furniture and redefining your home.

We’ll furnish your dreams!      

Oak Concept Furniture